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I dag skjer det og da kommer nemlig Hellasinspirerte kart med tilleggspakken Mercury til Battlefield V. Den siste flerspillerpakken var Panzerstorm som ble lansert i desember i fjor. Etter den kom Battle Royale-modusen med Trial by fire noe som virkelig ga et friskt pust i spillet. Nå er det altså ikke mange timene til Mercury dukker opp og jeg gleder meg allerede til å sette med ned til en real kamp. Det skal rett og slett bli fantastisk. 



Som du sikkert skjønner så er jeg en innbitt fan av Battlefield-serien og har vært det siden Battlefield 2 som ble mitt store gjennombrudd og da sammen med klanen Trønderbataljonen. I Battlefield 2142 lå jeg på førsteplass med begge sniperriflene i Norge og på en 63. plass i verden noe jeg var meget stolt over. 



Her er litt mer info om den kommende tilleggspakken Mercury:

Map Overview

Based on the events of Operation Mercury in 1941, this map lets you deploy on the coast of Crete where the British take on the invading German forces. Gameplay-wise, Mercury is all about verticality, all-out war, and asymmetrical vehicle forces; British troops have tanks and only a small number of planes while Germans will control the skies. Leverage the rocky slopes for intense vertical gameplay and close quarters gameplay.


Mercury at a Glance









Mercury caters for many different playstyles. It’s built to be a proper all-out war map, where players will be pushing with tanks, holding out for air support, or desperately defending a flag position. Battlefield veterans will see shades of three classic maps from older titles: Guadalcanal from Battlefield™ 1942, the Altai Range map from Battlefield™ 4, and Battlefield™ 1’s Monte Grappa.


Due to the size and verticality of the map, tempo will vary. Find holes in the defense to flank or engage in a hot firefight around one of the flags. There’s a place in the map for SMGs to clash with shotguns, while Recon players can snipe at Support players, who in turn suppress enemies with their LMGs.


Key Areas and Conquest Capture Points

As the battle rages, it will do so among scenic olive groves, state-of-the-art radar towers, and anything in between. Let’s go through some of the key areas. The Capture Points – AKA flags – listed below are taken from Conquest mode but should give a good overview of what Mercury has to offer.


Capture Point A: Cove
This flag is a quiet beach near a crashed Axis transport plane. Rocky cliffs surround the area, protecting it from long range attacks, and creating very vertical engagements between the players on the beach and those on the rocks above.



Capture Point B: Poulos House
The now-abandoned home of a wealthy family with grounds sitting above old olive tree groves, offering a stunning view of the Aegean Sea. The walls and gates provide poor protection from bullets and explosives, but Fortifications can be built to repurpose the space.


Capture Point C: Radar Sites
These twin radar installations along with the tall communications tower are just the latest expression of military might that the war has brought to the island. A large, sprawling capture area encompasses both radars and a nearby building, with Fortifications providing covered movement and firing positions.


Capture Point D: Village
This house sits on the edge of a village, abutting a quiet town square. White walls surround the plot of land, offering some cover from incoming fire, which will certainly come from the Radar Sites above, the hills behind, and from windows in the nearby houses.


Capture Point E: Marina
Local fishermen worked here before the war, with a quiet café offering respite after a long day on the water. The open capture area allows for tanks to resupply, but the surrounding houses and hills are perfect spots for enemy infantry.



Four Tips for Success on Mercury

Straight from the developers, here are a handful of pointers that will help you and your squad win the day.

Stay alert! In a map as vertical as Mercury, attacks can come from unexpected directions and there are many flanking routes to keep an eye on.
Assist your vehicles! The terrain is treacherous; help those behind wheels survive through repairs or by taking out enemy Assault players. Support your pilots by eliminating AA emplacements or vehicles.
Build Fortifications! Mercury’s rough and rugged terrain can be unforgiving, but a few sandbags can absorb incoming fire when the chips are down.
Flank! Don’t get bogged down in head-to-head encounters. Use the beach and the hills to your advantage.

Take these tips to heart and go dominate on Mercury. We hope to see you on the battlefield, and that you look forward to the Battle of Greece’s continuation with the Marita map coming as part of Chapter 4: Defying the Odds


Bare å glede seg med andre ord for nå skal det kriges! Spiller du Battlefield V eller ett annet spill i denne populære serien? Eller går det andre spill i samme sjanger?


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